Winter is a special season for rest in the Carpathians. After all, how many celebrations we have for this snow-white time! Many New Year’s and New Year’s holidays complement any holiday with their atmosphere, especially in our hotel. After all, on these dates you have a festive decor and contemplation of the Ukrainian and Hutsul traditions.

Christmas in our area as well as in all regions of Western Ukraine is the biggest bright holiday, for which everyone prepares in advance.

Guests who choose to spend their holidays on Christmas have the opportunity to taste special dishes and meet the carols that children carry, singing, from house to house.

And most importantly for the winter tourist opening the new ski season. Well, who does not know that so close to the hotel is a ski resort with many lifts and slopes.

Among the travelers and our guests in winter there are those who do not do winter sports, but ordinary lovers of mountains and walks in the fresh air.

And what exciting photos you can take in winter! The beauty of winter mountains is just some white magic! No frosty cold and snow frightens when the warmth and comfort gives a place to rest.

The very name of the hotel MOUNTAIN SONATA sounds like – autumn…

And Autumn in the Carpathian Mountains is an unwritten beauty!

Early autumn is quite warm and sunny. That’s why we meet and see off many family visitors. Almost all summer excursion topics are relevant in the first half of the autumn season.

The months of September and October are the favorite time of mushroom pickers. Here, even berries in some places will be collected in October.

But the peculiarity of this season is the colors of the Carpathian slopes. Even if you are not a photographer or a botanist, admiration is guaranteed no matter which way you look.
Forested mountains are dressed in luxurious robes. And I want to catch a glimpse of every tree branch, so it falls into sight and the shade of colors!
Oh, how beautiful our white houses look on the background of this autumn outfit.! After all, mighty mountain forests rise above the buildings from all sides!

Autumn is probably the best time! No other season will bring such spectacular photos to mind. This is without a doubt… And especially when you are resting in such a good place on the shores of the mountain Prut in the middle of incredible mountains, where you are welcome at any time of the year.
Even on weekends, visit autumn in the Carpathians, and even better – here!

The very word Summer already sounds hot. And what kind of summer in the Carpathians? It’s unbelievable! This time of year is the most favorable for its weather conditions for any traveler.

In summer in the Carpathians, the day can be hot no less than somewhere near the sea, but in the late evenings it is fresh here so much that you want to breathe and breathe the air barely flavored with the aromas of the Carpathian flora. And there is another feature of the location in the summer for the hotel.

Since the recreation complex is located in the valley of the mountains, say, too, in the sunny valley. The sun in this area is high for the longest time, you can sunbathe here at least until 21.00 throughout the summer. And frankly, such a wonderful place in the warmer months out of competition.

Imagine only tourists who already know the local mountains, which for them have become love and an integral part of life. Every favorable season for the rise, they are already here as here.

Summer itself falls in love with mountains of travelers. No matter how difficult the ascents and descents, travels to the highest points of the Carpathians, nothing takes away the fatigue as pleasing to the eye mountain scenery along the entire route.
In the mountains you have to experience many obstacles, especially in bad weather. But this place of strength and inspiration can not be loved, seeing the beauty of the mountains at least once.
In summer, the more the year, the more entertainment to choose from depending on preferences is offered to tourists. From active to passive recreation – everything can be tried here.
And what a beautiful flora and fauna, which is a feature of the mountain region!
Why abroad, when we have such a wonderful MOUNTAIN part of the country?
Be sure to come to the mountains in the summer and fall in love with our native Carpathians in a new way every time! And we will definitely do everything to complement your holiday with coziness and comfort.

Of course, early spring, namely March and even partly April, are quite possible periods for skiing and snowboarding. But mostly it’s a relatively quiet holiday season. It is loved by family vacationers and mountain travelers.

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle and relax in silence – a good choice is a spring reservation with us! And you don’t need to know or plan anything in advance. You can always get tips and direction on how to spend your spring vacation.

In the second half of the season, hikes and trips to the mountains, which vary in complexity, are usually intensified. May days are becoming more and more crowded in the Carpathians. The end of April, the beginning of May is the period of mass flowering of plants in the mountains. In the air at this time begins to hover a persistent aroma of pine needles, fresh greenery and alpine flowering grasses.

It is in the mountains that spring is most romantic! After all, when you look at the color change yesterday’s gray after winter deciduous plants among the evergreen neighbors on the mountainous forest slopes, or listen to the lively din of mountain streams, it is impossible not to admire the awakening of nature and its life-giving power.

For our hotel, the arrival of spring is an invitation for future guests in the new season. Get inspired in the spring in the mountains!

If you suddenly want to give yourself and your loved one a little romantic mood and relax from everyday life or celebrate an event, be sure to pack the necessary things and guide us to the Carpathians! Season or weather does not matter, especially if you are positive about a good rest.

Valentine’s Day can be arranged at any time. Will not hurt a small pet that you can take with you.
Be sure that we are greeted with a smile, and everything that is interesting about the holiday will be recommended and kindly provided.
Do you want a trip to the mountains or just relax for a delicious dinner for two – no problem.
If you want to take a walk in a deserted but safe place – and this and much more is possible while staying at our hotel.
One of our features is the location. Nature is unwritten here. Wonderful mountain landscapes, the Prut River flowing past and its quiet noise like a lullaby at night, green wooded slopes and mountain trails… ..
And berries -fungi to collect or alpine flowers? Isn’t it romance? Or sit with a delicious wine on a cool night by the fire together?
Your own imagination will tell you where to capture romantic moments and photos to remember. After all, the Carpathians are an impressive place for positive emotions.
Interesting places to travel are one of the best gifts. Rest assured that we will find a lot of interesting and even exciting for you. And even if you do not travel in your own car, it will not spoil the quality of rest, especially if you think about the routes in advance.
Immerse yourself in romance for four seasons with us in the magical Carpathians!

Going to the Carpathians with children, or even the whole big family, is a great idea. And in any season you can organize your time on vacation so as to see and try everything planned and desired.
But, first of all, you need to organize a place of rest. And, of course, the MOUNTAIN SONATA in Mykulychyn is one of the best options for family vacations or weekends. After all, our small cozy hotel has all the necessary criteria for this. In addition to living in cozy rooms with beautiful views from the windows, guests have plenty of options to experience relaxation and comfort.

We have entertainment not only for adults but also for children in the warm season. There is a children’s playground with a slide and sandpit, a swing and a trampoline. It is possible to play ball on the green lawn nearby. Also, if desired, you will be prompted by tours that will be possible for you given the age of your children or older parents.
Do not doubt that not only our caring service, but also the nature around will positively affect your mood. In the combination of these factors, you can relax from work and daily worries, focusing on your family in a great place, gather together new strength, inspiration to implement future plans and ideas.